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Automate your cleaning

Automatic System For Cleaning, Disinfecting And Lubricating Rotary Instruments

Manual cleaning of instruments does not always remove all deposits and residues. Dynamic instruments that are poorly maintained or not adequately cleaned may become damaged and pass on infections to both patients and practitioners. Any instrument used in dentistry must be perfectly cleaned, disinfected and maintained. NSK understands the requirements in the daily practice of dentistry and after many years of research, has come up with a simple and effective solution, the iCare+.

iCare+ for handpiece care and maintenance

Intelligent Servicing of Instruments

iCare+ is smart and detects the type of instrument attached to the ports (internal/external spray or without spray), when canals are blocked or the wrong cycle has been selected for a specific instrument to ensure cycle efficiency.

During the different cycles, iCare+ starts the rotation of instruments and injection of treatment products into all the internal mechanisms and tubing of the instruments to provide deep cleaning and disinfection; a pressure spray simultaneously cleans and disinfects the external surfaces.

Each cycle lasts for a specific duration in compliance with EN ISO 15883/15883-5 to guarantee maximum effectiveness of the n.clean and n.cid solution for the perfect treatment of every instrument.

Total security and complete peace of mind

Tests performed by the Dr Brill Institute conducted on extremely dirty instruments (containing sheep’s blood with heparin, protamine, bacteria and yeast) prove that iCare+ treatment cycles together with n.clean cleaning and n.cid disinfection guarantee proven and effective results. The validated tests released in Germany by this accredit laboratory were done according to RKI (Robert Koch Institute) recommendations and EN ISO 15883.

Guaranteed consistent repetition of cycles

iCare+’s internal control system has sensors which ensure consistency of every cycle in accordance with the parameters determined during the laboratory tests.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Two Products Inextricably Linked To iCare+

iCare+ working hand in hand with n.clean and n.cid.
n.clean and n.cid have been specifically developed for rotary instruments in compliance with laboratory protocols as well European and international standards.

Validated Association of Certified Products

Extensive laboratory tests have been conducted on NSK turbines, handpieces and contra-angles, as well as on instruments from other brands. The results are identical for all tested instruments and always in compliance with EN ISO15883. It is therefore crucial that iCare+ is used together with n.clean for cleaning and n.cid for disinfection of rotary instruments to guarantee optimal results validated by laboratories.

Targeted Action

n.clean, a cleaning and rinsing solution, acts as a detergent and has bacteriostatic and fungistatic effects, preventing proteins from attaching to internal and external surfaces of instruments. Disinfection prior to sterilisation is carried out by n.cid, a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal* disinfectant solution effective against wrapped viruses, as well as unwrapped Adeno viruses.

*Bactericidal: TBC, MRSA. – Fungicidal: Candida albicans – Virucidal: HBV, HCV, HIV, Herpes simplex, Influenza, H1N1 + H5N1.

Complete Traceability

Internal Traceability Software

In addition to the permanent internal validation process, software is available to log all cycle data on an external device. iCare+ generates a serial number for every cycle. Once the data has been transferred to a computer serial numbers of individual instruments can be added to specific cycle records in order to establish total traceability.

Data Storage

To allow traceability and external storage of the iCare+ cycle data an easily accessible USB port is built into iCare+ unit.

User-friendly Interface

The user-friendly software interface allows easy and efficient management of all cycle data with the option of adding specific records for individual instruments at the push of a button.

Easy to Use

Yellow for cleaning

White for disinfection

Blue for lubrication

Tech Spec

iCare+ Complete Set

CONTENTS: • iCare+ unit • Power cord with L-shaped plug • Air tube • Notice on DVD

2 x High Speed Ports + 2 x Slow Speed Ports
MODEL: iCare+ C2 ORDER CODE: S102001

1 x High Speed Port + 3 x Slow Speed Ports
MODEL: iCare+ C3 ORDER CODE: S103001

Power Supply : AC 100-230 V 50/60Hz
Capacity : up to 4 instruments
Air Pressure : 0.5-0.6 MPa (5.0-6.0 kgf/cm2)
Net weight : 14 kg
Dimensions : W400 x D405 x H355 (mm)
Capacity of the oil tank : 500 ml
Capacity of the bottles for the cleaning and disinfection product : 500 ml.

*Connects only to Midwest 4-hole type
*Air piping is necessary (5.0-6.0 kgf/cm2)

iCare+ adaptors for high speed ports

iCare adapters

MODEL: n.Clean, 500 mL PEHD bottle (6pcs)

MODEL:n.Cid, 500 mL PEHD bottle (6pcs)

MODEL:Maintenance Oil, 1L PEHD bottle