Varios series

Ultrasonic scalers are fast becoming one of the most important pieces of equipment in daily use in a dental surgery, providing a patient-friendly and efficient way for perio, endo and minimal intervention treatment techniques.

Well balanced, slim and lightweight...

The new Varios handpiece is available in optic and non-optic versions and offers improved accessibility to the oral cavity. The twin LED light delivers daylight quality light, assuring excellent virtually shadow-free visibility, bringing significant advantages to the way you work.

Varios 970

  • Optic / non-optic
  • Supplied with twin LED handpiece, 3 tips, 3 tip wrenches and an autoclavable container
  • 3 power ranges; Perio, Endo and General

Varios 570

  • Optic
  • 3 power ranges; Perio, Endo and General
  • P mode offers minimal yet steady power for more effective periodontic treatment

Varios 370

  • Non-optic
  • Compact, portable unit
  • Suitable for a variety of clinical procedures

Varios 170

  • Optic / non-optic
  • Built-in option
  • All functions can be controlled via NSK’s MultiPad

Scaler Tips

With a choice of over 70 tips, the Varios 970 can be used for general scaling, restorative, perio, prosthetic, endodontic and minimally invasive applications as well as implant maintenance.

View the full range of tips here