Piezo-powered surgery is a technique of cutting bone for osteotomy and osteoplasty in implantology, periodontology, endodontics and oral surgery applications.

Piezosurgery, or the use of piezoelectric devices, is a new and rapidly flourishing development in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The main advantages of this technique are precise and selective cuttings, the avoidance of thermal damage, and the preservation of soft-tissue structures.

Piezoelectric surgery is superior to other methods relying on mechanical instruments as it provides for precise, minimally-invasive and highly impeccable handling of delicate or compromised hard- and soft-tissue conditions, with less risk for the patient and greater ease for the surgeon. Through piezoelectric surgery, implant-site preparation, bone grafting, sinus-floor elevation, edentulous ridge splitting, or the lateralisation of the inferior alveolar nerve becomes technically very feasible.

What are the main features of piezoelectric surgery?

  • Micrometric cutting maximum surgical precision and intra-operative sensibility
  • Selective cutting is specific for mineralised tissue i.e. bone, and inactive when in contact with soft tissue
  • Cavitation effect this lowers the temperature of the cut and increases the intra-operative visibility (bloodless field)

NSK VarioSurg3: cutting-edge technology

VarioSurg3, the latest advance in NSK’s VarioSurg range, maintains the lightweight and slim handpiece design of its predecessor and the same excellent balance and grip, but has 50% more power than the previous model – making it immeasurably more precise and shortens treatment time significantly. This gives the practitioner extraordinary accessibility and visibility during procedures. Its ergonomic shape and fine balance are designed to minimise hand and finger fatigue, even during extensive usage.

The advanced feedback and auto-tuning functions, combined with the finest engineered tips on the market, a triumph of NSK’s meticulous manufacturing using three-dimensional toothing (working) of the sharp edge, make this a refined and elegant tool of surgical excellence. VarioSurg3 also features the world’s first dynamic link feature, which enables you to operate both VarioSurg3 and SurgicPro via a single foot control. Intuitive controls and a large and clear backlit LCD screen makes VarioSurg3 really easy to operate and takes the strain out of delicate procedures.

The NSK VarioSurg3 can be used for the following applications:

  • Sinus lift
  • Bone graft harvesting
  • Ridge expansion
  • Mandibular nerve transposition
  • Peri-implant osteoplasty
  • Implant site preparation
  • Cystectomy
  • Tooth extraction
  • Endodontic surgery


What are the main advantages of using the NSK VarioSurg3?

  • Precision – zero rotational motions completely changes the game in both accuracy and surgical impact
  • Reduced bleeding through the superbly engineered irrigation and cavitation design
  • Completely safe on soft tissue
  • Fast operation – reducing patient stress and surgical fatigue
  • Up to three times more powerful than a dental ultrasound device

In the accompanying images you will see a comparison of bone cutting using a bur, saw and piezo. This series illustrates beautifully why piezosurgery is at the leading edge of surgical innovation, and the precision and safety of using piezo.