Ride or Die

This month’s blog features the NSK perio micro tips that I can’t live without – my go-to, holy-grail, must-have tips! The perio tips for subgingival scaling available from NSK allow me to provide optimal care that is individual to each patient. The perio tips have been designed to eliminate the need for hand curettes, enabling me to be more time efficient during treatment and maintenance appointments. They are also used at low power to preserve the integrity of the cementum and improve patient comfort.

My favourite tip for periodontal maintenance is the P20. It has a round cross section, with a long fine tip enabling smooth access to pockets throughout the entire dentition.

For non-surgical periodontal therapy, the following tips are a MUST-have:

  • The P1/P1D tips have an extremely fine end, enabling smooth access to crowded areas.
  • P2D/P3D tips have fine ends and a double curved shape which enables smooth access into narrow pockets on molar interdental spaces and furcation areas. They are diamond-coated and so are ideal for the removal of tenacious subgingival calculus in these areas.
  • P21 L/R: both these tips have a round cross section, long fine tips but with added curves to fit easily against the root surfaces of the molars.
  • P26 R/L tips have a long primary shank that is ideal for subgingival use in deep, complex furcation areas.

NSK perio micro tips have truly revolutionised how I perform and provide treatment for my patients!